Our consistent monitoring of the market, aimed at ensuring the highest standards of quality to our customers, has led us to detect several goods bearing the counterfeit trademark STAR.

Counterfeit products are visually identical to the original, but both technical and qualitative level is very low and consequently dangerous when used.

From our side we have indeed taken legal action to counter this unauthorized use of our trademark and in the meantime we invite you to be wary of products visually similar to ours, if you are not sure that they come from the official network of distribution.

If you come into contact with any possible fake goods, let us know as soon as possible.

Please note that DTM Ricambi s.r.l. is the only owner of the trademark STAR and it is the only company authorized to the worldwide distribution of its products.

For further information or for any possible report related to counterfeit goods, please write us an email to or call on +39 051 6325404.