Why choose STAR Diesel

Three reasons to choose STAR Diesel

Spotlight on spare parts

You can always be sure to find the spare parts you need.

All our products and expertise in one catalogue

Two things you can rely on.

We pass all the tests

If we talk about “quality”, it’s because we’ve tested it first.
Bad surprises? No, thank you.

The “collection”

The old, the new, and the impossible to find


A pioneer in the Italian market

Star spare parts

Our interchangeable parts

Generic spare parts

An O-Ring is forever

Fuel pipes and accessories

Rubber, shaped, or straight

Feed pumps

Pressure-raising performance


STAR Diesel, for excellent seal

Our services

Found a product at the right price but it needs some modifications? Got a question? Worry not. Our staff is here to help.

Get the As to your Qs

Distributors in every corner

From Bologna to the rest of the world.

Find a distributor or join the team

What’s new at STAR Diesel

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Who's behind the wheel

Diesel, a family matter. In yesterday’s workshop, like in today’s offices, you’ll always find people who care for your needs.

Meet us

Two generations, same values

Your trust has been our aim for 40 years. The rest is a matter of spare parts that can always be replaced.

Beyond the product