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its STAR Diesel spare parts

A wide range of "aftermarket" spare parts dedicated to the repair of injection systems for diesel engines.
Product ranges

Three ranges for thousands of items. The latest products and those you thought were phased out. Attention, continuous improvement, and tests behind every product.

We’ll give you the quality you want to provide your clients with.
Let’s talk numbers
3 new products per month
1 catalogue with 10.000 items
360.000 kits sold every year
Enjoy our service before, during
and after
your purchase.

Meet our staff and discover the thousands of items included in our catalogue.
How we can help you:

Every day, our Research and Development department improves existing products and adds new ones to the catalogue.
Our production assembles the repair kit and customises the items based on your needs.
Our staff listens to your needs and finds technical solutions for your problems.
Every innovation and adaptation is tested to ensure high efficiency.
In STAR Diesel, you can find the experience of people who has been in the diesel injection spare part industry for a long time and has one goal only: making sure you receive the product you need.

Can we really guarantee that? Our percentage of returned products is close to zero. So, the answer is yes.