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Purpose and values of company

Every spare part
is essential.

The same principle applies to people. We listen to the needs of our staff to enhance their potential and enrich our community.
"As entrepreneurs, parents, and individuals, we have the responsibility to improve our workplace."
Marzia Maccari, General Manager STAR Diesel
Our collaborators
We believe in meritocracy and promote integration so each one of our employees can feel part of our family.
Their families
During these dark pandemic times, nobody in our company has lost their jobs or felt threatened by it.
Disadvantaged people
We support two NGOs to help improve the quality of life of the less fortunate and promote their integration in the world of work. These NGOs are:
  • Fondazione ricerca fibrosi cistica (The Italian Cyctic Fibrosis Research Foundation), which promotes and funds scientific research on cystic fibrosis;
  • OPIMM, an NGO based in Bologna that helps the inclusion of people with disabilities at work through training and support.
Every year, thanks to OPIMM’s projects, we give many people the opportunity to create their own path and discover who they are as individuals and workers.
Solid foundations
to keep growing
"The common thread is how we’ve all grown as individuals and as a company. We know where we come from, how to speak and listen to people and build trust."
Laura Cervellati, Vice President and Operations Manager STAR Diesel
First we listen, then we find a solution.
This is our rule to keep growing as individuals and professionals.
Our story is our source of inspiration.
We’re on the path set by our company’s founders. It’s up to us to enrich it with new references.
In the old times, a handshake was enough. Today, we need even less to do business.
Trust is something you earn over time. It took us years of kept promises and reliable spare parts to achieve it.
Our strengths for two generations
“Listening. Research and Development. Testing. Each spare part we sell meets our clients’ needs. This is possible thanks to every team member who shares the same values.”
Nico Salomoni, President and Technical Manager STAR Diesel
Customer satisfaction
Putting people before business. We have personal relationships with every stakeholder. We believe that our clients’ success is ours too.
Continuous improvement
Every day is an opportunity to do better. Every year, we invest in innovation to ensure and maintain excellence.
We put facts before words. For us, diversity is richness. Interaction is the only way to move forward towards greater objectives.
Honesty and fairness
From relationships to product traceability, transparency means more than just abiding by the law. It means respecting our clients and our work. And we are very proud of this aspect.
Business resilience
During the pandemic, we had to protect our employees’ jobs. That’s why we reorganised our company so that everyone could continue to work albeit in a different way. This is the flexibility we at STAR Diesel pursue and draw inspiration from.